How the Program Works

Wondering how the course is structured and what you'll accomplish? Read through the below phases and timelines to understand how to get to your first sale and beyond.

You have access to all of the information you need to get started.


Introduction and Access to Materials

You will get set up in a private Slack channel with your High Ticket coach who has personally completed this program and built a store that does over $100k in revenue per month. In this channel you will be able to ask your coach all questions and receive as much guidance as you need to build your business.

Introduction to 1:1 Coaching


You will receive access to all of our course materials in Kajabi where you can begin working through the modules. The program has been designed to build on what you've just learned so try not to skip ahead!

Access to Course Materials



You have a legal business entity and you know what niche you will focus on.


Business Setup & Selecting Your Niche

7 Days

In this module you will get started on creating your legal business entity. This will let you create your business bank accounts and become an authorized reseller of products.

File Your LLC


Using our specific research techniques, you will learn how to evaluate different niches and, with the guidance of our coaches, pick a niche with enough demand to give you the best chance of success.

Research Niches


Phase 1

You have a great looking store and a target list of suppliers. You're ready to begin outreach to get real supplier relationships!


Building Your Website & Supplier Research

14 Days

We'll go step by step to set up your Shopify site and build a great looking, high converting website.

Build a great looking Shopify store


With your legal entity and a chosen niche, it's time to research and evaluate suppliers to find high margin products that have a large number of people actively trying to buy them.

Supplier HQ

Build your target supplier list


Phase 2

You have a real store with high quality products you're legally allowed to sell. It's time to find some customers!


Becoming an authorized dealer and uploading products

14 Days

Learn how to create pitch deck, craft outreach emails, and learn exactly what to say to suppliers to get them to take you on as an authorized reseller of amazing products.

Supplier HQ

Supplier Outreach


Upload real products on your website and learn how to display them to maximize your conversion rates.

Upload Products


Phase 3

You're ready to make sales!


Setting Up Ads and Driving Real Traffic

5 Days

Learn how to add your products to Google's merchant feed so that you're set up to run ads.

Configure Google Merchant Center


Our experts will guide you to set up your Google advertising account to attract high potential buyers to your store.

Set up and turn on Google Ads


Phase 4

Most students make their first sale
around this point in the program.

Estimated Time to Completion: 2 Months

Sculpt Keywords Daily
Adjust Bids

Upload Products, Improve PDPs, Check Conversion Data for High Performers

Supplier HQ

Onboard More

Set Up New Product

Scaling Your Business with The Flywheel

Phase 5

You have a profitable store and the knowledge and skills to grow your business. It's time to grow your business using the skills you've gained and the perseverance that's gotten you this far.

Graduation as a Successful Business Owner


We help people with zero business background create real high ticket e-commerce businesses and replace their income within 6 months.

*DISCLAIMER: All testimonials shown are real but do not claim to represent typical results. Any success depends on many variables which are unique to each individual, including commitment and effort. Testimonial results are meant to demonstrate what the most dedicated students have done and should not be considered average. makes no guarantee of any financial gain from the use of its products.